An Exciting Ferris Wheel of Science: New Features!

BrainSCANr’s circular graph has gotten a face lift and some new features. Jess has been busy the last few weeks adding some interactive elements to the circular graph. We’ve tossed the force directed graph in favor of a more geometric hyper tree. Visitors can still move nodes around by dragging and dropping them into new positions, but we’ve also added some new interactions as well.

Filter by category
Click a category in the circular graph’s key to remove that category from the graph.

Double-click to search
Double click the label of a node to search brainSCANr for that node. Note: you have to double click the label and not the node or it won’t work (we’re working on it).

Hover for clarity
Hover your mouse over a node to see that node’s connections highlighted as well as that node’s probable association with the search term and category. You will also see that node’s corresponding bar highlighted in the new...

...Histogram of probable association!
To better visualize the relative probable association of terms to the search term we’ve added a bar chart histogram to the circular graph. Hover your mouse over a bar to see the term, and probable association, you’ll also see the that term’s node highlighted in the circular graph.