Big update!

First of all, if you want to discuss site issues, please join the mailing list for general discussion:

It's been 3 weeks since we launched, and we've gotten a ton of feedback and made a lot of changes based on your suggestions. We've gotten over 15,000 views and over 100 user-submitted questions and comments. We've also submitted the paper for publication (so wish us luck).

Our biggest changes are as follows:

Bradley Voytek brainSCANr

* Hierarchical view: you can view the links as either the original circular graph, or as a tree. This is a neat way to follow a path: click on a leaf in the tree to view its associaitons. The tree only pre-loads data five levels deep. Also, due to database issues, you can only view the hierarchical graph *after* the circular graph fully loads, If you click on the hierarchical view link before the circular loads, you'll need to reload the page.

* Lots of new terms! We've added white matter tracts, neurochemicals (hormones, transmitters, etc.), drugs, as well as other user-submitted suggestions for each category for a total of 627 terms and nearly 200,000 associations. You see see the full terms list here: http://www.brainscanr.com/Terms

* You can no search by common acronyms as well (e.g., "ACC" for anterior cingulate cortex)

* You can see publications that show associations between the search term and whichever term you select in the list below the graph.

* Click and drag objects: you can move the graph and nodes around, move the legend off the page, etc.

* Finally, lots of users have suggested adding a filter by association strength or category, a way to export images, or a way to remove the gray links between terms in the circular view. We're working on all of this, we promise! My wife is doing this work in her free time, so bear with us.

Anyway, thanks to everyone for making this such a hit, and thanks to our friends who helped: Amitai Shenhav, Curtis Chambers, Avgusta Shestyuk, and Kirstie Whitaker.

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